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On March 5, 2021, SAP acquired Signavio.  Signavio’s products became part of SAP’s Business Process Intelligence and complement SAP’s holistic process transformation portfolio. This culminated in Signavio forming part of SAP’s Business Process Intelligence Unit which will help companies understand, improve, transform and manage their business processes at scale.


Signavio’s integrated cloud-native process management suite perfectly complements existing business process intelligence software from SAP. With the addition of Signavio, SAP can now provide a holistic suite of flexible process transformation solutions for customers to transform their business processes end to end.


That includes business process design, benchmarking, gap analysis, improvement and process change management. The suite will also allow customers to monitor the long-run success of these process changes.

This being said, Signavio is the “new kid on the block” and companies would want to benefit from the value it can bring to their organization, quickly and effectively.


In order to accomplish that, Sol Arch Consulting offers a SAP Enablement Program, which will enable Partners with the tools necessary to implement Signavio and enable their Clients to reap the full benefits and potential that the integrated solution has to offer.

Sol Arch Consulting will enable Partners through Training in all the modules of the Signavio Suite, guidance and assistance in Practice Establishment, Quality Assurance and Product Support.

High-Level Approach

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite is a powerful, all-in-one platform that helps you realign your organization and bring changes to life at an accelerated rate. It exists to support the core of your business: the processes that you carry out every day.

To maximize the full potential of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite, you need to get started as soon as possible. Sol Arch Consulting services offer SAP Partners wanting to get started straight away with Signavio the ability to do so by adopting our enabling program approach. Our certified professional services team will use our proven methodology, consisting of consulting and training services and best practices, to bring the Signavio Business Transformation Suite online for your business quickly and smoothly.

Within the first 2 – 4 weeks, we will do a thorough analysis through workshops and team sessions to ensure a full understanding of the Client requirements.  During this time we will be able to identify key Value Drivers and Objectives and propose a workable roll-out Plan and Roadmap.  During onboarding and Workspace enablement we will design your way of work, methods and conventions and identify all Roles and Responsibilities.  Training will be presented in the relevant modules of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite during which time Best Practices and success stories will be shared with the delegates. 

Ongoing mentoring and coaching can be provided to ensure knowledge transfer and quality assurance on deliverables.  This is highly recommended in order to mature your methodology and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Typical Skills Required for Signavio Enablement

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BPM Practice - Process Manager & Hub

During the preparation phase we will conduct kick-off workshops and refine your specific requirements including roles and responsibilities.  A high-level rollout plan and long-term roadmap will provide guidance for your Strategic objectives.

Setup and configuration will be performed through identifying specific requirements and subsequently refining your Signavio process repository strategy and methods.  A general Workspace and Collaboration Hub setup will be performed as well as loading Dictionary content, if available.

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A Navigation Page design will be proposed for easy navigation within the Repository as well as a high-level process landscape and folder structure.

Introduction to BPMN 2.0 and Signavio Process Manager & Hub training will be presented as well as Admin coaching.  We will provide ongoing tool support and conduct periodic quality reviews to ensure proper enablement.

The following elements will be covered in the Process Manager & Collaboration Hub module of the enablement program:

  • Navigation Page Design.

  • BPMN 2.0 and Process Modelling Principles.

  • Value of Hub Collaboration.

  • Use of Quick Modeler.

  • As-Is vs To-Be.

  • Different Diagram Types & Notations, i.e., Archimate, Org Charts.

  • Custom Attributes on Diagram and Object level.

  • Optimization using Simulation.

  • Importing from other Sources, i.e. Aris.

  • Customer Journey Modelling.

  • Customer Excellence Modelling.

  • Process Reports.

  • Dictionary / Repository Management.

  • Workspace Administration.

  • API & ETL Integration.

  • SAP-SolMan Integration.

Process Mining Practice - Process Intelligence

During the preparation phase we will define and confirm strategic direction and understand current paint points and process performance issues.  It will be important to confirm processes that need to be investigated and determine which source systems will be involved.

During the PI setup, data will be extracted and loaded in order to configure KPIs and dashboards. Introduction and usage of Process Mining will be presented during the training and integration of existing process models for to-be and as-is comparisons will be demonstrated. 

Data handling and transformation will also be catered for through hands-on exercises in order to illustrate data preparation and data interpretation.  We will provide ongoing tool support and conduct periodic quality reviews to ensure proper enablement.

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The following elements will be covered in the Process Intelligence module of the enablement program:

  • Compare As-is process variants with To-Be processes.

  • Identify areas of optimization.

  • Dynamically discover processes from Log Files.

  • Templated investigations for most common end-to-end processes.

  • Custom-built and Tailored Process centric views.

  • Real-time Data Onboarding through CSV Event Log and Attribute files.

  • Quickly build visualization Reports through dashboards.

  • Provide insight on KPIs and Cycle-time analysis.

  • Process Variance analysis.

  • Performance analysis.

  • Detailed visual comparison of pathway variations based on As-Is process flow.

  • API & ETL Integration.

  • SAP-SolMan Integration.

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Accelerate through Workflow

During the preparation phase we will conduct kick-off workshops and introduce workflow.  A high-level scoping of a pilot workflow will be defined tasks with roles and responsibilities.

A definition and workflow forms will be setup together with user groups and users for selected processes. Introduction to Workflow Accelerator will be presented as well as Admin coaching.  We will provide ongoing tool support and conduct periodic quality reviews to ensure proper enablement

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The following elements will be covered in the Workflow Accelerator module of the enablement program:

  • Build Customizable Workflows.

  • Collaboration between different process stakeholders and escalations.

  • Workflow for the approval of diagrams and automatic publishing to the Web Portal.

  • Monitoring of current and carried-out approvals.

  • Create executable workflows without any programming.

  • Perform status tracking of all Cases.

  • Upload documents to cases or tasks with their data, progress indicators and due dates.

  • Build Form-based/Email triggers: a process is started whenever the form/e-mail is submitted.

  • Specify the assignee or a list of candidates for a task.

  • Build simple form editor with field types text, checkbox, choice, file, link, date, user, number, currency, email.

  • Perform programmable tasks such as Inline JavaScript® code editor, Syntax highlighting and checking.