Accelerate transformation and business process performance

Business process intelligence (BPI) solutions from SAP provide end-to-end capabilities for strategic process transformation and the reinvention of customer experiences. BPI lays the foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise of the future.


Secure immediate value

  • Gain performance visibility quickly

  • Deep-dive with advanced analytics 

  • Take advantage of tailored improvement recommendations


SAP Process Insights



Deliver Customer Excellence

  • Design customer journey models for touch point improvements

  • Align company processes to customer experiences

  • Share journeys for feedback and experience improvements


SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

Visualise Process Reality

  • Run in-depth process analysis for enterprise transformation, including S/4HANA migration

  • Interact with data and investigate what matters most

  • Leverage process mining for fact-based changes


SAP Signavio Process Intelligence


Secure the Success of your Rollout

  • Gain complete visibility and governance over your workflows

  • Build prototypes for rapid deployment and scale up workflows without code

  • Reduce process variation and rework


SAP Signavio Process Governance


Re-imagine your Processes

  • Quickly respond to unpredictable business and regulatory changes

  • Scale your process repository collaboratively

  • Simulate processes for alternative business scenarios


SAP Signavio Process Manager

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Collaborate your Way

Collaborate your way

  • Build a single source of truth across teams

  • Break down business silos

  • Shape a better understanding of projects, tasks, and KPIs


SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub

The complete SAP Signavio offering provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enable SAP customer to expedite their SAP S/4HANA Transformation Projects with great visibility to all stakeholders. The goal in using SAP Signavio is to enable a process-oriented implementation of your ERP transformation project in order to reduce risks, increase efficiency and achieve set transformation goals.

Project and management teams should better assess the current state, set clear goals and expectations, monitor implementation and manage test cases, and keep an eye on performance and user acceptance after commissioning.

Signavio's mature solution extract real value to customers:

  • S/4HANA faster project execution, better and cheaper.

  • Dramatically decrease project failure/risks.

  • Provide Collaborative visibility.

  • Help teams to work together (IT, business, external).

Enhance the SAP Activate Methodology with SAP BPI

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By combining the products of Signavio and SAP, and associated Services, you will be able to drive holistic end-to-end Process Transformations to optimize your operations, improve Customer Excellence and put Operational Risks under control.


By using the SAP Activate Implementation Methodology, you will be able to:

During the migration:


  • Mitigate the risk by giving all Stakeholder a clear visibility/understanding of the project roadmap and content.

  • Due to clear visibility reduce the cost being able to challenge implementation and consulting companies.

  • Understand effort and timelines to make the project as short as possible.

  • Ensure smooth project delivery (deliver the right thing, on time, on budget).

  • Yield Business & IT planned outcomes.

  • Fully align & engage project team members.

  • Have a Single Source of Truth.

  • Achieve early and more extensive buy-in.

  • Enable a Faster and more Agile Enterprise.

  • BPM Practice establishment as part of the S/4HANA Project.

Beyond the migration:

  • Ensure Process Control by combining Process and Data insights to drive true Performance and Customer Excellence.

  • Monitor and improve End-to-End Process Execution by using Process Mining and Process Insights.

  • Using Process Insights identify Improvement opportunities for Intelligent RPA automation opportunities, Better Fiori Application utilisation.

  • Benchmark against 2500 other SAP users to determine Process Maturity.

Process Insights - Benchmark_Automate_Optimise

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Why Process Insights:


  • Helps you Transform and Automate your Processes.

  • Cloud-based Process Optimisation Tools for Executives.

  • Organized in Reports for various Roles.

  • Deep-dive into Process Performance and Efficiency.

  • Identification of Areas for Improvement and Automation potential.

  • Tool-based support to identify Standardization Opportunities.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Improvement of your Processes.

  • Prepare your Processes for the SAP S/4HANA transformation.

  • Quick insights leading to quick results.

Combining the Power of Process Discovery and Process Mining

Process Mining.png
Unleash the Power of Process
  • Discover the current performance of your End-End Processes benchmarked against industry best practice with optimisation recommendations.

  • Take a Deep Dive into your processes using Process Mining to gain an in depth knowledge of the performance based on your unique KPI's.

  • Simulate possible enhancements using Process Manager to understand the impact prior to implementation.

  • Monitor and Control the performance of your processes to facilitate Continuous Improvement.

  • Mature your BPM Practice.